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Reclaim Your Voice. Reclaim Your Life.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, Speaker and Corporate Trainer providing engaging, interactive sessions to help individuals and organizations to improve productivity and employee retention by increasing mental health and wellness awareness.

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Tanya Ellis-Asbury

Chanell's professional delivery poised with infectious humor is undeniably engaging and unforgettable. With her coaching, I successfully launched my first book with ease. 

What They're Saying 


Danielle Ardoin-Brown
RN Transformation Coach

Witnessing Chanell's speak to the women in my course was transformative. They each felt they had the tools they needed to begin healing to fulfill purpose. 

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Felecia Davis-Modicue

Her competence has helped our contractors and company receive stellar audits. Chanell's insight and knowledge leaves a lasting impact.

Meet Chanell!

Chanell is a licensed counselor, speaker, author, consultant, and mentor. As the owner of Chanell Finley & Co., she believes that every gift she shares with the world is thanks to God and her relentless faith as a Christian. 

As a speaker, she inspires her audiences to reclaim their voices by taking action and accountability in their lives. 

Chanell uses her testimony and experiences to influence other women who have excelled professionally, but may be facing challenges with self-worth, self-compassion and self-love.

She is the owner of CF Counseling & Consulting, where she serves adult women. Chanell has over 18 years of experience guiding others towards mental wellness. 

Chanell Finley
Chanell Finley

 Chanell Finley

"When we learn how to win the battle in our minds, we will learn just how powerful we are."

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Let's Work Together

Here are a few ways for us to work together. Services and packages can be customized for your unique needs. 

Chanell Finley
Work With Me

Healing the Most Broken Part of Me is an interactive guide and shares a personal journey of healing from traumatic experiences endured within a complex mother-daughter relationship. As a believer, leaning into God's word encourages you to use every resource available and become the best version of yourself. This is a start to helping you overcome the emotional and mental turmoil that has been hurting you for years. You don't have to stay in this cycle. You no longer have to be bound by the traumatic experiences of any unhealthy relationship. You can experience healing in the most broken parts of you and live a life free of guilt and shame. You can be the best mother you desire to be for your children. God wants you to be whole. It's your right! 

Healing the Most Broken Part of Me Book
Women's Anxiety Devotional Workbook

In Women's Anxiety Devotional Workbook, Chanell explores how overcoming anxiety requires commitment, faith and action. Using a Christian approach, this workbook will provide an understanding of anxiety and its impact on emotional and physical wellness and offer a blueprint on how to manage anxiety through faith.
Discover how you can begin overcoming anxiety, knowing God's peace, and how to effectively respond to day-to-day challenges through the use of God's Word and other available resources.

Please allow 24-72 business hours for a response. To book me, please submit a booking form >> here.


Chanell Finley
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